What is my iTunes Nickname?

Your iTunes Nickname is not your Apple ID, and it is not your e-mail address.
It appears next to your reviews on iTunes. We need it to verify that you left a review!

Where can I find my Nickname?

1. Log in to iTunes. Click your Apple ID at the top, then Click on Account.
2. In the Settings area near the bottom, you can Create or Edit your iTunes Nickname.
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Slot Galaxy
by Tap Slots
Las Vegas is an amazing place. The sights, the sounds, and oh man, the casino games – it seems like everything was designed from the ground up to be as much fun as possible. It’s just too bad that the experience has to end when you leave town.

But not anymore. Now you can bring an entire galaxy’s worth of Vegas fun in your pocket with Slot Galaxy, one of the most robust and exciting slot apps we’ve ever played.

What makes Slot Galaxy so great is its dedication to replicating the real Las Vegas experience on your phone. The game’s chock full of fun slots just like you would find in a real casino, and each has its own special theme. There are pirates, Greek Gods and cowboys to tangle with, and all of them are rendered in gorgeous HD.

Better yet, each game takes inspiration from the classic slots you know and love Vegas for. That means 5-reel slot machines, up to 50 lines (lines are the patterns that you can make to win, for those Vegas newbies among us), and plenty of chances to win amazing jackpots.

But Vegas enthusiasts know that it isn’t just the slots that make the city great. There are plenty of games, attractions and special events to attend, and Slot Galaxy does a great job of bringing that vibrancy and variety to a mobile app.

There are plenty of Bonus opportunities that you can redeem to increase your Coin count and have fun in the process. As with many slots games, Slot Galaxy gives you the chance to earn free coins every few hours just for coming back. But the unique thing about Slot Galaxy is that it turns this act into a minigame; instead of simply tapping a button to redeem your reward, you get to spin a bonus wheel. That means your reward amount could be absolutely massive, if you can land on the right wedge of the wheel. It’s just one of the many smart ways that Slot Galaxy takes traditional gambling games, and injects them with a variety and energy that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

There are plenty of other bonus games to play, too. Some of them are themed around Vegas games, like the card shooting minigame. In this game, you shoot Poker cards to win additional coins. Then there are other games, like the Zeus minigame, which has you battling skeletons in a graveyard – again, in the name of those sweet, sweet coins. In the end, you’re always striving for more coins and more chances to spin those slots, but the variety of ways in which you can earn coins really gives the game an energy that few others posses.

The final piece of the Slot Galaxy puzzle is video slots. These animated slot machines were created specifically for Slot Galaxy, and feature fantastic looking slot machines that you won’t find anywhere else. Again, it gives the game a variety that puts it head and shoulders above the competition.

Slot Galaxy is one of the most well-rounded, vibrant and fun casino games you’ll find on mobile devices. Whether you love Las Vegas and try to visit every year, or you’ve never been and want to see what all the fuss is about, Slot Galaxy is the app for you.
Fungus Factor: 5
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