What is my iTunes Nickname?

Your iTunes Nickname is not your Apple ID, and it is not your e-mail address.
It appears next to your reviews on iTunes. We need it to verify that you left a review!

Where can I find my Nickname?

1. Log in to iTunes. Click your Apple ID at the top, then Click on Account.
2. In the Settings area near the bottom, you can Create or Edit your iTunes Nickname.
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Dealflicks Movies - Sh...
by Dealflicks
Lifestyle * Entertainment
Movies are great. Saving money is great. Dealflicks Movies is an app for iOS and Android devices that saves you money on movies. Scientifically speaking, it must then be the greatest human innovation since the creation of sliced bread, which everybody knows rocked the earth to its very core.

At ten to fifteen bucks a pop, movie tickets are an expensive proposition. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that some films are so marvelous, they simply demand to be seen multiple times. How is this gnome supposed to fund his seventh Furious 7 viewing without taking out a second mortgage?
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Fungus Factor: 4
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Chicago Personal Injury
by Rocket Tier / Big Momma Apps
Accidents happen. It’s one of those things that everyone has been taught ever since they were young. Spill your juice, or trip getting on the bus? That’s okay, accidents happen.

Yet remarkably few people find themselves prepared when a serious accident occurs. Whether it’s medical malpractice, a car accident, or simply a slip and a fall on someone else’s property, you never know what type of accident could happen, or when it might come. And with the massive expense of potential medical bills, a lack of preparation could cost thousands.

Luckily, Chicago Personal Injury is there to save the day!
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Fungus Factor: 5
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Dark Echo
by RAC7 Games
Puzzle * Adventure * Games
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bat, soaring through the black night with only sounds to guide you? What does the world look like when painted exclusively through fleeting ripples of sound? Is it beautiful, or is it frightening?

Dark Echo is a game that attempts to tip the scale significantly in favor of fear. As its nameless, shapeless protagonist, you are left quite literally alone in the dark as you are hunted by all manner of vicious beasts. Like a bat, you must use echolocation to guide your way through the game’s increasingly complex environments.

Hunted and alone, will you survive the darkness? Spoiler alert: Probably not.
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Fungus Factor: 5
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The Pirates Code - Int...
by The App Developers
Games * Puzzle * Educational * Books
Have you ever wanted to explore the high seas as a pirate, gold and adventure forever awaiting you just over the horizon? It’s a common fantasy in today’s strict culture to cut the tethers from your sleepy hometown, embark out into the great unknown, and pursue adventure and glory as an honor-driven buccaneer.

The last time this gnome pursued his seafaring dreams, he was hit with a petty larceny charge and a $300 fine.

But what if we told you there was a much easier way to satisfy those thrill-seeking cravings? What if there was an adventure so grand, so full of action, romance, and treasure that it’d leave you shaking in your floppy leather boots?
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KY Auctions
by Auctionlook
Nothing beats getting a good deal on something you want, and an auction is usually place where that can happen! If you’re in Kentucky and looking for an auction, KY Auctions is the app for you.

With KY Auctions, you can find directions to sales, auctions and estates and enjoy the fun in person! You can even place a bid in online auctions through your phone. There are many different things up for auction: from livestock to produce, from old coins to property, KY Auctions has it all!

The excitement that comes with making a bid against other people only adds to the experience. The process of buying something turns into a sport! Find properties and items up for auction by category or by location.
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