What is my iTunes Nickname?

Your iTunes Nickname is not your Apple ID, and it is not your e-mail address.
It appears next to your reviews on iTunes. We need it to verify that you left a review!

Where can I find my Nickname?

1. Log in to iTunes. Click your Apple ID at the top, then Click on Account.
2. In the Settings area near the bottom, you can Create or Edit your iTunes Nickname.
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Voo Plan
by RoundUp Social Inc.
Social Networking * Food & Drink
Visiting new places is great, but the downside is that you have no idea where the best restaurants, bars and meeting spots are. Luckily, the Voo Plan app by Roundup Social Inc. has got you covered with an impressive, easy-to-navigate interface and a clean but articulate menu that makes place recommendations and social connectivity easier than ever.

Once you’ve allowed Voo access to your current location, you’ll be given a list of all of the different restaurants, shops and social hangouts in your area. Powered by Google, Voo knows everything in your area that you might be interested in, from restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs and more. It makes finding the best places around you a breeze.

You can choose to follow the locations that you like, placing those locations on a sort of favorites list that can be easily accessed by triggering the star-shaped button at the top of the page. If you’re not sure if you want to visit the location, you can select it and Voo will take you to a separate page that will give you more information, such as the phone number, address, and weekly business hours – pretty much everything you need to get in contact with the business.

At the bottom of the location’s page, you can read customer and user reviews of the location to get a better idea of what to expect; whether the restaurant will be to your liking, or whether the bar will have the kind of drinks you prefer. It’s a wonderful way to experience a location from a collection of different sources before committing to walking all the way down there. Plus, because they integrate multiple sources of data the Voo recommendations are more reliable than any other user-rating system available.

So you’ve made it to the location, but you forgot one important thing – Friends! Voo is also capable of planning events through a system called Rendez-voo. Here you can plan an event or hangout by choosing a location and time and by inviting friends from your iOS contacts. The great thing about this feature is that it doesn’t require the invitees to have the Voo app in order to be invited to the Rendez-voo. Even better, the app also has a Chat feature that allows you to discuss the nature of the Rendez-voos, making it simple for friends to change plans or to compromise on locations to hang out at.

Voo also gives you access to Uber for those long, fun nights out with friends. It easily connects to the calendar on your iOS device for added reminders of upcoming Rendez-voos for both you and your invitees, while offering a live feed of what your favorite locations are offering during those dates.

Now in the San Francisco Bay Area, Voo integrates all business happy hour data, and data from services such as Groupon, Mogl, OpenTable, Eventbrite, and Ticketfly. This makes it very easy to know everything that is going on at your favorite places and go there for less. National availability for discount and event data will be available soon.

The Voo Plan app helps you easily go to and stay connected to your favorite places, while also opening you up to new possible venues that you might not have yet experienced. It’s perfect for those lonesome travelers who want to find the best spots in any city, or for those who are looking to experience a little spontaneity with friends.
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